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Our Asphalt Paving Services

We offer many asphalt paving services. Our main services include:

Asphalt Resurfacing

If your asphalt paving has suffered normal wear and tear i.e. the asphalt paving has minor surface cracking, and the existing subgrade is stable, we can offer our asphalt resurfacing services to repair normal wear and tear.

Highway and Road Construction

We are also equipped to construct new highways/roads as well as perform modifications i.e. widening. We have been involved in multiple highway/road construction projects. Check out our jobs profile to see what we have done.

Residential Asphalt Paving

A perfectly done asphalt driveway is bound to raise the curb appeal of your home. We also pave residential parking lots. We can install a new driveway or repair your old one.

Commercial Asphalt Paving

We also offer commercial asphalt paving services for commercial establishments. We can pave office parking lots, industrial parking lot, private streets, walking paths, name it!

Why should you choose asphalt paving?

There are many types of paving today so, why asphalt?


Asphalt paving is cheaper than most (if not all) types of high-quality paving today. Our Asphalt paving services are affordable because we have invested in the best asphalt paving equipment available today.

Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal

Asphalt paving looks great. A perfectly done asphalt driveway looks impeccable for years. Also, homes and commercial buildings with asphalt paving tend to have a higher curb appeal than those with other kinds of paving.


Asphalt paving lasts for decades provided it is perfectly installed and maintained.

Our Recent Posts

5 Most Important Asphalt Paving Driveway Maintenance Tips

The best way of making sure your asphalt paving driveway lasts for years is hiring a good asphalt paving company. A perfectly installed asphalt paving driveway can last as long as a concrete paving driveway (approximately 30 years). Nevertheless, you need to adhere to some maintenance standards to ensure the driveway looks great at all times and lasts even longer. Here are the most valuable asphalt paving driveway maintenance tips to consider.

1. Quality installation

Asphalt paving driveway maintenance starts at installation. As mentioned above, you need to hire a good asphalt paving contractor to install your asphalt driveway perfectly. A perfectly installed asphalt driveway is easier to maintain because the driveway usually has an adequate base. The driveway is also made with other asphalt driveway best practices in mind i.e. with a perfect asphalt mix, drainage, etc. The best asphalt paving contractors also use the best materials, equipment, and personnel. In the end, you will have a perfect asphalt paving driveway that will require little to no maintenance for decades.

2. If you have to seal your driveway, use a high-quality sealant

People choose to apply sealant on their asphalt driveways to improve the appearance as well as protect their driveways from oil or gas spills among other stains. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to seal your driveway. If your driveway is installed perfectly, it will look good without a sealant. Chances of your driveway being damaged by oil or gas spills are also low. So, if you have to seal your driveway, use a high-quality sealant i.e. one that contains high levels of liquid asphalt to offer thicker, better protection. There are many asphalt driveway sealants on sale today, so it’s important to consult experienced asphalt driveway contractors to be able to identify the best sealant for your driveway.

Also, don’t forget to allow your brand new driveway time to cure before you apply sealant. Applying sealant too quickly can make asphalt too flexible initially causing deformation/marks over time. The sealant should also be reapplied after every 3 years or when the old sealant coat starts to show signs of wearing out.

3. Get rid of weeds immediately

Chances of weeds sprouting out in the middle of a perfectly installed asphalt driveway are very slim. However, if it happens, get rid of the weeds immediately. Weeds are known to accelerate asphalt driveway deterioration because they spread fast and widen cracks over time causing other problems such as potholes.

4. Seal cracks immediately

Cracks should also be sealed as soon as they occur. Driveway potholes usually start as small cracks that have been left unchecked for a long time. Although it may take decades before a perfectly installed driveway develops cracks, it is advisable to conduct checks annually.

5. Edge your asphalt driveway

Last but not least, you need to edge your asphalt driveway using bricks, stone, etc. to make sure grass and weeds don’t get into contact with your driveway. Besides making your driveway and lawn look better, edging protects your driveway from deterioration by getting rid of moisture and soil which promote the growth of weeds on driveways. Edging your asphalt driveway also protects the driveway from water damage.


The best way to make sure your asphalt paving driveway lasts for decades and looks good at all times is to hire an experienced asphalt paving contractor. Most asphalt paving deteriorates faster than normal because of poor installation. Weeds and cracks also accelerate deterioration, so it’s important to get rid of them immediately. It’s also recommendable to edge your driveway as well as apply sealant to boost the aesthetic appeal as well as prevent deterioration.

Deciding Between Asphalt Paving and Concrete: Which is Better?

When talking about the best type of paving, you have two main choices namely; asphalt and concrete paving. Both types of paving have great benefits, however, which one is better? Here’s a detailed analysis on; cost, aesthetic appeal, durability/maintenance, environmental friendliness and weather to help you determine which paving is better for you.

1. Cost

Asphalt paving is cheaper to build than concrete paving (approximately 50% cheaper). Asphalt paving, however, attracts higher maintenance costs. Typically, asphalt paving requires resurfacing after 15 to 20 years. Concrete paving can last for 30+ years with little to no maintenance. It is, however, possible for asphalt paving to last as long as concrete paving when installed perfectly. In a nutshell, it is cheaper to install asphalt paving provided you choose a good asphalt paving company.

2. Aesthetic appeal

The aesthetic appeal of asphalt vs. concrete varies depending on who you ask. Some people love how asphalt paving looks while others prefer concrete paving. Although concrete paving seems to come with more decorative elements, there are many types of asphalt and asphalt mixes that can match and even surpass the aesthetic appeal of concrete paving. In summary, both paving look great depending on individual tastes and preferences.

3. Durability/maintenance

Concrete paving lasts for approximately 30 years while asphalt lasts for approximately 20 years. However, as mentioned above, the durability of asphalt can, however, be improved by finding a good asphalt paving company. The maintenance costs of asphalt paving can be reduced significantly if you choose to work with experts only. It’s also worth noting that concrete paving tends to require more maintenance during winter if substandard de-icing products are used.

4. Environmental friendliness

Since asphalt paving can last as long as concrete paving, both types of paving require approximately the same energy to maintain. Asphalt paving, however, requires more fuel to construct. Studies have also found that vehicles consume more fuel when traveling on asphalt than on concrete. Both types of paving are however, recyclable. In a nutshell, concrete paving may be more environmental friendly but by a tiny margin. In applications like driveway paving, asphalt and concrete score equally in regards to environmental friendliness.

5. Weather

Asphalt paving may be better than concrete paving and vice versa depending on the weather experienced in your location. Asphalt is better in colder climate areas because concrete is prone to problems such as; frost heaves as well as cracking which accelerates deterioration. Concrete also tend to be damaged by most de-icing products given the fact that they are salt-based. On the other hand, asphalt isn’t affected by cold or salt-based de-icing products. Asphalt paving also tends to absorb heat faster and better causing snow/ice to melt faster than in the case of concrete paving.

Asphalt paving is great for all kinds of weather. Concrete is great for warm weather only.


Asphalt paving stands out from concrete paving in almost every regard from cost to aesthetic appeal and all-weather applications. Asphalt paving is cheaper than concrete paving. The paving also looks great and works for both hot and cold weather. As long as asphalt paving is installed by experts, the paving can last as long as concrete paving. Although asphalt paving may not match concrete paving in regards to environmental friendliness (given the fact that you need a lot of fossil fuel to make asphalt), both types of paving are environmental friendly in their own regard. For instance, asphalt paving can also be recycled.